Savings – Getting Started & Next Steps

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A Quick Guide to Use Coupons to Maximize Your Savings

Couponing can be overwhelming especially if you are just getting started, here is a guide to help you maximize your couponing savings.

Before you shop, it is smart to find coupons online from the various coupon sites available. There are several user-friendly sites that allows users to select coupons for the products they like and print them so they can have great deals at the stores. It is advisable to look for a website that has multiple coupons from major brands as some may allow you to print two for each coupon.

Other great places to look for coupons include newspapers, magazines and coupons apps. If you find newspapers with good coupons, you may want to purchase extra copies and store them in your coupon organizer. Similarly, you can find manufacturer’s coupons in magazines especially the women’s publication.

Another great tip is to get your coupons from the brands of the product that you like to buy. This way, you can take advantage of great deals when the prices of the products are lowest. Therefore, consider following them on their social media platforms so that you will be aware when these kinds of opportunities are available as some also offer coupons to those share their content.

Make sure you join the loyalty program of the store in order to get great deals for the coupons. You can get amazing deals by using their loyalty cards depending on the coupons loaded on it. So when you checkout, you will automatically get discounts for the items that have been included in the coupon.

Do your research in order to learn about the coupon policy of the store in order to see if they have favorable terms. The couponing policy of each stores varies as some may allow their users to get two coupons for extra benefit while other do not allow double coupons. Also, some stores allow coupons from other competing stores as long they are in the same city, this will save you money since you won’t have to travel to the stores to get great deals. Visit the stores website for this important information on what you can and cannot do with the coupon.

Know how to keep your coupons organised so it can be easy to access them when the need arises. You can come up with a filing system or use a storage container to organize the coupons by their category or their date of expiration. Ensure that the coupons in your organizer are not expired otherwise they will not help you save money. Come up with a schedule for purging the expired coupons so that you stay current.

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