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The Use of transistors, ment computers that would store reminiscence and even run applications. Soon after computer languages were invented so that individuals could change the packages run by …

Water scarcity is among the top five global risks affecting people’s wellbeing. In water-scarce areas, the situation is grim. Conventional sources like snowfall, rainfall, river runoff, and easily accessible groundwater are being affected by climate change, and supplies are shrinking as demand grows.

In these countries, water is a critical challenge to sustainable development and a potential cause of social unrest and conflict. Water scarcity also impacts traditional seasonal human migration routes and, together with other water insecurity factors, could reshape migration patterns.

Water-scarce countries need a fundamental change in planning and management. We are looking at how to do this, through the creative exploitation of unconventional water resources.

From Earth’s seabed to its upper atmosphere, we have a variety of water resources that can be tapped. But making the most of these requires a diverse range of technological interventions and innovations.

Catching fog. Aqualonis, Author provided

Catching fog

Water embedded in fog is increasingly seen as a source of drinking water in dry areas where fog is intense and happens regularly. Fog can be collected using a vertical mesh that intercepts the droplet stream. This water then runs down into a water collection, storage , and distribution system.

Earlier mobile phones used to be cumbersome handsets with expensive service plans and high call charges. Additionally, while cell phones used to be mainly referred to as cell telephones” or cellular telephones, at this time’s cellphones are extra commonly referred to as smartphones” because of all the extra voice and information providers that they offer. Managers, designers, and directors of database methods are wanted in a variety of industries and disciplines, from healthcare and nonprofits to authorities and technology. The usage of mobile phone is totally different for different people. For some it is useful for enterprise goal and for others it is a enjoyable item. But no matter how people use it and for what objective, many people suppose they get actually disturbed if one thing occurs to their cellular. That is why folks need to take really excellent care of their cell telephones.

There are two common sorts of cellular telephone scanners: the analog and digital units. Analog sort scanners can intercept cellular communications with AMPS analog gadgets. AMPS refers back to the authentic phone customary that numerous analog models used within the United States. Attributable to an equipment for location finding that was used by 911, however, …

Have you ever binged on a TV show so much that you fell asleep mid-episode? The last you want is for the show to keep on playing indefinitely, potentially exposing you to spoilers once you wake up and resume the show later (yes, this has happened to me before, and it sucked).

Fret no more: Netflix is testing a timer feature on Android that will let you pause a show after a certain time has elapsed. As reported by the Verge —Netflix confirmed the feature to the publication — the timer function allows you to choose to stop playback after 15, 30, or 45 minutes — or until the end of your current episode. The feature can be accessed from a timer button on the upper right of video playback.

Credit: The Verge

This seems like a useful feature for people who like to fall asleep to a TV show on in the background. While that’s not something I regularly do with Netflix, I do often sleep while listening to audiobooks and find the ability to set a sleep timer to be a godsend.

The test is currently limited to a few users globally on Android, but if it’s popular

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I wouldn’t be surprised if right now, in an office in China, a bunch of Xiaomi employees are jumping up and down and yelling, “Suck it Apple!” The company just revealed that it has invented a device that wirelessly charges your devices over the air.

What Xiaomi has claimed to achieve is long-distance wireless charging. The company claimed it could charge several devices at once at up to 5 watts (which isn’t much). It hasn’t specified the Mi Air Charger’s range, but it said that it can work across “several meters.”

Xiaomi Air charging

The Chinese tech giant’s technical explanation for how it made this happen is to stack up multiple antennas and use beamforming to push out millimeter waves. The phone also has to have a special set of antennas and beacons to inform the charger of its position in the room continuously.

This sounds like a dream, right? Other companies like Ossia and Energous have been working on this tech for a while too, so it does seem like a matter of time before it becomes commercially available. But remember that Apple also presented its AirPower concept to charge multiple devices on a wireless pad,

This sounds like