After driving the new Land Rover Defender, I can’t wait for an electric version

February 19, 2021 by No Comments

Earlier this week, Jaguar Land Rover announced a seismic shift in its strategy. Jaguar is ditching its combustion engines entirely, and will be an all-electric brand. Land Rover, meanwhile, will create a range of six EVs that will be sold alongside its current line-up.

This will undoubtedly shock and horrify the vast majority of old-school Landy fans who love the cars for their ruggedness and utility… but I’m actually super stoked about this change. And I’m going to explain why.

The reality

Before we get to my controversial excitement though, let’s look at why this is happening, and what those old-school fans think.

With bans on the sale of new gasoline cars set to come into force over the next decade, Land Rover’s shift to electric power had to come sooner or later. Its only option is to innovate, or risk falling into obscurity and irrelevance as the rest of the world moves away from oil-based fuels.

Clearly, as one of Britain’s most iconic brands, JLR couldn’t afford for that to happen.

Credit: Land Rover