Christmas is better with Tom Vasel’s YouTube board game reviews

December 21, 2020 by No Comments

It’s the holiday season. Time of relaxation, gifts, love, appreciation — and most importantly — board games.

“More like bored games” I hear you whisper under your breath and snicker with your cool friends.

How dare you, dear reader? This is my turf, where we play by my rules. So let me be crystal clear: board games are awesome.

Board games are like a warm embrace of delightful nostalgia, an oasis of calm in our screen inundated lives. They’re an opportunity to crush your loved ones and establish dominance over them in a miniature alternate reality, represented by colorful tokens, cards, and figures.

There’s nothing that says ‘Christmas‘ more than that.

The thing about board games though is they’re a tricky social contract to navigate, even during the holiday season, as they hinge on the collective ∼ v i b e z ∼. If one person isn’t ‘feeling it’, the whole experience falls apart.

While I thrive when solving trivial challenges — I’m a big brain boy — not all my friends and family are as gifted. That’s why researching games before buying and forcing them on your ‘simpler’ family members is crucial for a successful night of festive board-gaming.

That’s where S̶a̶n̶t̶a Tom Vasel comes in.

Credit: The Dice Tower