NASA’s TESS discovered 3 exoplanets orbiting a younger sun-like star

February 25, 2021 by No Comments

Roughly 400 mild years from Earth, a younger star named TOI 451 travels inside a river of stars. A world staff of astronomers has now discovered three beforehand unknown exoplanets orbiting that star.

The Pisces-Eridanus stream of stars was solely lately found — on the finish of 2018 — regardless of stretching throughout one-third of the sky. Stars inside this stream common solely round 3% of the age of our personal photo voltaic system.

“This method checks plenty of bins for astronomers. It’s solely 120 million years outdated and simply 400 light-years away, permitting detailed observations of this younger planetary system. And since there are three planets between two and 4 instances Earth’s dimension, they make particularly promising targets for testing theories about how planetary atmospheres evolve,” explains Dr. Elisabeth Newton of Dartmouth School.