Toyota’s first American battery EVs launch this year — taking it beyond hybrids

February 11, 2021 by No Comments

Japanese carmaker Toyota, known for its ever popular hybrid vehicles, is finally launching its first battery electric vehicles later this year in America.

Alongside the two BEVs, the company is also launching a new plug-in hybrid.

Sadly, that’s all the info we get from the latest announcement. Toyota seemed more keen in its announcement to bang on about the virtues of all-electric drivetrains and plug-in hybrids, than share more details of what we’ll get to drive next.

It’s a bit of a change of tune considering that the Japanese marque has rigidly stuck to hybrid tech, with a smattering of hydrogen on the side with its Mirai.

The main takeaway we have here, is that Toyota is finally bending over to what the world is asking for, and governments are demanding: battery powered cars.

If you want to read Toyota’s full announcement, click here to hear it from the horses mouth.

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Toyota teased its upcoming battery electric vehicles last December, showing off nothing more than a couple of sketches and schematics.

Credit: Toyota