Why Python will not be the programming language of the long run

June 19, 2021 by No Comments

It took the programming neighborhood a few a long time to understand Python. However for the reason that early 2010’s, it has been booming — and ultimately surpassing C, C#, Java and JavaScript in recognition.

However till when will that development proceed? When will Python ultimately get replaced by different languages, and why?

Placing an actual expiry date on Python can be a lot hypothesis, it’d as properly cross as Science-Fiction. As an alternative, I’ll assess the virtues which can be boosting Python’s recognition proper now, and the weak factors that can break it sooner or later.

What makes Python common proper now

Python’s success is mirrored within the Stack Overflow developments, which measure the rely of tags in posts on the platform. Given the scale of StackOverflow, that is fairly a superb indicator for language recognition.