X-rays out of Uranus make the ice planet appear to be an ’80s album cowl

April 3, 2021 by No Comments

Removed from the Solar, close to the outer limits of our photo voltaic system, the ice large Uranus slowly orbits its distant guardian star. For the primary time, astronomers have seen X-rays emanating from this distant world.

The Chandra X-ray observatory, launched in 1999, examines the Universe in X-rays, highly-energetic wavelengths of electromagnetic power mostly related to diagnosing damaged bones.

“NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory is a telescope specifically designed to detect X-ray emission from extremely popular areas of the Universe corresponding to exploded stars, clusters of galaxies, and matter round black holes. As a result of X-rays are absorbed by Earth’s environment, Chandra should orbit above it, as much as an altitude of 139,000 km (86,500 mi) in house,” NASA describes.

A brand new research of observations exhibits this world — actually — in a brand new gentle.

Seeing by means of the X-ray thriller

X-rays have been seen earlier than, radiating from the fuel giants of the photo voltaic system, Jupiter and Saturn. On these worlds, most X-ray emissions are the results of scattering of X-ray radiation from the Solar, whereas a share are generated in aurorae — much like northern and southern lights.

Credit score: X-ray: NASA/CXO/College Faculty London/W. Dunn et al; Optical: W.M. Keck Observatory